Monday, March 9, 2009

Planning the Student Sample with Internet Use

The Internet will be used by the students to post a blog which will present a fact-pattern created by each group in the class that conveys a legal situation which concentrates on the contractual elements assigned to that group. Questions will follow the fact-pattern that will have the guests of the blog compare and contrast the different remedies available should the contract be breached. The creation of the fact-pattern and the questions which follow will show each group's understanding of their contract assignment, as well as the guests' understanding of the legal issues involved.

Prior to this "blog" assignment, the class will be divided into groups which will each be assigned an element of a contract on which it will expound and about which it will create a Powerpoint presentation to address the various legal aspects of the assigned contractual element.

In order to ensure responsible and appropriate use of the Internet, an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) will be prepared which must be signed by the student, parents, and teacher. Also, access to the blog will be limited only to fellow classmates.

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